Chewy Dried Fig & Apricot Spinach Salad with 3 ingredient dressing!

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I feel like I'm cheating when I use any other dried fruit besides dates.  Dates are a staple in any of my salads because I love the chewy sweet texture it adds.  I'm sorry dates, figs and apricots are the stars today.  Dried figs are so great because the little seeds in the middle add the perfect little crunch to the chewy texture.  This salad literally took a few minutes to put together and was so filling and perfect.  

For the past few years I have been making my own fig jam using a recipe my mother in law and her friends use.  I've been told it's the best some have ever tasted.   For a while I even worked on mass producing it because EVERYONE loved it so much.  I kind of felt like I was doing a diservice to the public by not manufacturing it.  It's still in the works but with everything going on it's not high on the priority list.  So I used a teaspoon of the fig jam in my recipe but feel free to use any jam (doesn't have to be fig).  Make sure to shake the dressing real well so all the ingredients emulsify together.