My sort of first post

I say this is my first "sortof" post because I tried to write a blog a while back but it didn't work out for multiple reasons (I'll talk more about that later I'm sure) but this is the first blog post on this site.  

Long story short, I started Sweet Pillar™ in hopes of keeping traditions alive for my family.  Along the way I learned a lot about life, business, myself and so much more.  I've also met so many great people, customers, mentors and made some great friends, some of whom I call family.  I want this blog to be a creative outlet for everything modern middle eastern, a space to connect with all of you, and a way to learn from each other.  Not gonna lie, I feel slightly nervous to hit publish and just allow my words to float in internet space but heres to Sweet Pillar™.  

Ps. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, and press the play button on the right.  I'm so excited that I figured out how to install the song on here.