the BEST Nutella Cookies

Okay so I know my last post was a little rebellious in that it wasn't a modern middle eastern recipe necessarily and now I'm posting a Nutella cookie recipe and everyone knows Nutella is very much an Italian spread.  Let me just take a moment and explain my train of thought and why I felt this post was not only acceptable to post on my "modern middle eastern" blog but necessary.  If anyone has ever been to Syria or Lebanon and I'm sure any of the other Middle Eastern countries then you know Nutella is as much part of the culture as falafel and hummus are.  To describe the modern middle eastern culinary world as I know it and to not include Nutella would not be a fair account of the cuisine of this region.   

Pita bread with Nutella spread and bananas is a very normal breakfast in Damascus.  I've had this recipe hand written for over 10 years and I'm not sure where I originally got it from but I can almost very confidently say I got it from one of my cousins in Damascus.   "Almost" and "confidently" in the same sentence seems like a contradiction haha.  Without further delay I give you my most favorite Nutella cookies ever.  Plus these stack so perfectly on top of each other that they make the perfect little gift for the holidays or just because.