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Amazing Eggs in Sumac Onion Dressing

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I created this dish by accident actually and have had it every single day for a week since!  The crunchy red onions, the tangy sumac olive dressing, the creamy yolk all together with warm pita.  Would you believe me if I say I'm not even a breakfast person!  

Breakfast for me is only exciting when it's with the entire family or a big group of friends, on the weekend, and music is playing in the background with everyone participating in the fun.  And even then, I usually just like it for the experience and family/friend time but not necessarily the breakfast food itself.  But this dish changes things.

That's how our weekends were as children in New Jersey.   My mom putting together an entire spread for breakfast and all 5 of us, 6 including my dad trying hard to help but actually being more of a distraction.  At some point my mom would get overwhelmed with all of us in the kitchen and we would be banned to the living room until food was finished.  My dad at that point would try to take advantage of the time and teach us math or science and we of course would try to avoid that.  Some of us would escape and run upstairs only to be called back down.  Others would pretend they were sleeping just to stall.  And by the time my dad managed to get all 5 of us in one room sitting down, not giggling or laughing, and fully paying attention, breakast was ready.  Great memories spent on those Saturday and Sunday mornings, It's surprising I don't love breakfast more.  In Damascus, they work a 6 day work week and it's only Friday that's off.  Unless in the Christian quarters where Sunday was the day off.  

This dish is so good but be warned the onion smell is strong.  Have gum or a toothbrush handy!