Featured on Feed Feed!

Okay so I'm such a dork but I just got SO excited about being featured in the Feed Feed's Middle Eastern feed!  Look no further, here is the link ... .

I've been in such a funk lately and I just couldn't shake it off.  Every dish I made wasn't turning out the way I envisioned and every picture I took wasn't coming out right.   The problem was I couldn't translate what was in my head in the kitchen and I didn't know how to fix it.  Agh it was so frustrating.  It's one thing when steps are mapped out and its clear what needs to be done to improve.  But I felt so lost because I didn't even know what I had to do to make the dish or photos better.  Maybe I'll actually upload the pictures I hated just to show you guys.  But anyway, my creative juices started to dry out and I literally couldn't think of anything food related, my mind was just blank.   Poor Ayla was starving, the hubby was getting hangry.  The whole thing wasn't pretty.  

I did manage to make the Muhammara chicken rolls yesterday which I thought came out great! So that kinda started taking me out of my funk.  (I'll post the recipe to that in a few btw).  But I just wanted to share that I'm featured on the Feed Feed's Middle Eastern feed!   So now that you have an in depth analysis of my funk, you can sleep in peace, haha. 

Feed Feed feature